Patient Guide

patientguPlease make sure to bring all of your medical records and diagnostic materials to your medical appointment, if you have not sent them beforehand. The following items will be required to schedule your first appointments:

• Your passport or other valid form of ID

• Demographic information, including name, home address, phone contact (including local contact number or cell), e-mail, date of birth

• Detailed insurance information, including insurance name, policy and group number, insurance contact phone number

• If you are a government-sponsored patient, please bring a letter of authorization from your embassy

• Full medical records, including all related exams and surgery reports, treatment records and laboratory results

• All films (old and current) from imaging studies such as X-Rays, MRIs and CT scans, along with any other relevant reports

Travel and Transportation

Medical Park International Patient Center maintains relationships with a number of hotels and residential businesses. After you arrive, Medical Park representative will work with you to identify accommodations that best suit your needs.

The staff can advise you of the most convenient connections to reach Turkey, where a Medical Park representative will meet you and your accompanying family members upon your arrival. This services is free to patients and accompanying family members.

Visas and Passport Information

Medical Park will support your medical visa application by working with Turkish embassies or consulates in your country to provide documentation of your pending medical treatment and appointment. The Center will make every effort to expedite the processing of your visa. However, only the embassy or consulate concerned can approve a visa application.

Medical Park International Patient Center requires a copy of your passport upon arrival and before your first scheduled appointment.